Uroskop Omnia

Uroskop Omnia
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System highlights

  • The fully digital system with its large 43 cm x 43 cm flat detector allows full-format exposures of the entire urogenital tract in one acquisition with impressive image quality with up to 2840 x 2880 pixels.
  • With its curved tube column and two TFT color displays on a spring-articulated swivel arm, the system offers unique unrestricted symmetrical patient access from all four table sides, providing optimal view during all urological interventions. Patient repositioning is no longer necessary. Your anesthesiologist and his equipment remain at the head end of the table.
  • The HD VideoManager* offers you numerous interfacing possibilities with endoscopy, ultrasound and video-urodynamic workplaces. Uroskop Omnia is compatible with HD (high definition) endoscopy. HD EndoStore* allows endoscopy and ultrasound live images to be stored as DICOM images in a patient record together with all X-ray images and to be sent to PACS as a package.


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