ACUSON X300 Ultrasound System

Advanced technology. Confident diagnosis

Advanced technology. Confident diagnosis.

Advanced technologies, such as MultiBeam image formation, are enhanced by a variety of wideband transducers to provide superior image quality, application versatility, and confident diagnosis.

  • MultiBeam formation technology: Enables parallel signal processing providing high frame rates for exceptional temporal resolution in B-mode, color Doppler and mixed modes


  • Hanafy lens transducer technology: Enhances uniformity throughout the field of view, for superior contrast resolution in abdominal imaging to a depth of 30 cm


  • Tissue harmonic imaging: Dramatically improves contrast and spatial resolution by reducing noise and clutter, providing excellent image quality in all patients


  • Cardiac imaging package: Includes a comprehensive set of imaging modes, features and reporting packages to address the requirements of cardiac exams


  • Stress Echo package: Integrated and user programmable for streamlined cardiac workflow


  • DTI™ Doppler tissue imaging capability: Color and pulsed wave DTI capability processes Doppler frequency shift information from moving tissue and displays physiologic data providing additional clinical information on myocardial function


  • Cardiac and OB structured reporting: Speeds up clinical reporting by automatically transferring patient, measurement and calculation data to DICOM reporting packages


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