User Services Overview

Enabling users with expertise and efficiency in the long run

User Services are intended to enable the operators of Siemens Healthcare medical equipment with expertise, efficiency and motivation – by providing a flexible and efficient training and education experience that exactly meets their needs and learning style. Every employee in the care delivery process marches to a different beat.

Siemens has a variety of individual User Services that can be flexibly packaged in Education Plans. These can be configured to cover various elements of product and clinical training, consulting services and tools that support clinical decision making processes.

Our training and education offerings are always intended to make staff feel confident using medical technology and to see a way to continuously add to patient outcomes with the equipment at hand.


Your benefits:

  • Constant support in operators’ skills development
  • Utilization of medical devices and equipment to full potential
  • Sustainable investment into staff confidence
  • Delivery of high-quality and sustainable patient care


To learn more about User Services you can download the brochure or get directly in touch with us by using the contact form. Let Siemens Healthcare enable you to engage, retain and attract employees to deliver high quality care and maximize the usage of medical equipment.

The products/features and/or service offerings (here mentioned) are not commercially available in all countries and/or for all modalities. If the services are not marketed in countries due to regulatory or other reasons, the service offering cannot be guaranteed.
Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.