Mobilett XP

Advanced analog mobile X-ray machine

Discover how the technical specifications of the mobile X-ray machine Mobilett XP serve your needs.


System specification 
Power outputMobilett XP eco 20 kW, max. 400 mA
Mobillett XP 30 kW, max. 450 mA
Mobillett XP Hybrid 30 kW, max. 450 mA
Footprint (l x w x h)98.7 x 57.5 x 155 cm (39 x 23 x 61 inch)
Max. focal spot height2135 mm (84.1 inch)
Max. horizontal tube extension 1285 mm (50.6 inch)
System weight (w/o optional accessories)Mobilett XP eco 206 kg
Mobillett XP 206 kg
Mobillett XP Hybrid 294 kg
Accessories / Options 
Dose Area Product (DAP) measurement Integrated dose area product measurement system
Infrared remote control Operating range up to 10.9 m (36 ft), 180°


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