MAX – Multiple Advances X-ray

It's more. It's MAX.

MAX assistance is more than just ease of use.
It’s your intelligent personal assistant that proactively works for you, supports you and protects you – even in the most challenging situations. For the best image possible with your system every time.

MAX assistance – Works. Supports. Protects.


  • Works for you by making positioning for free examinations easier and more accurate. Works with MAX wi-D and MAX mini.
  • Supports you by displaying the current detector angle on the MAXtouch screen. This eliminates the need to guess the tube angle: just align the tube according to the detector angle shown. For enhanced exam quality and consistency.
  • Protects you and your patients by reducing repeat exposures for incorrect angles and grid cut-off.

  • Works for you by providing all necessary information on the large, intuitive color touchscreen and giving you complete control exactly where you need it.
  • Supports you by allowing you to quickly and efficiently change all key image parameters directly on the tube. Uniquely lets you adjust the order of exams.
  • Protects you with status messages, providing guidance and increasing safety by reducing the time unsteady or insecure patients spend alone in the room.

  • Works for you with touch-sensitive technology that is only active with the touch of a human hand.
  • Supports you by providing intuitive system control while improving safety.
  • Protects you and your patients by preventing unintentional system movements for improved safety. 

1 Option for Luminos Agile Max and Luminos dRF Max

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