High dose rate with Multiple-X

ARTISTE’s key feature for speed

High dose rate with Multiple-X
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Great application flexibility
The optional Multiple-X feature allows you to perform a multitude of applications, all with one single delivery system: your ARTISTE linear accelerator. On the one hand, you can perform hypofractionated radiotherapy for cranial and extracranial treatments (SRS, SBRT). On the other hand, you can deliver fast IMRT, even for everyday cases, and 3D-CRT.

Even faster IMRT

Delivering a modulated, high dose precisely to a complex target is the main task of IMRT. Multiple-X provides a high dose rate of up to 2,000 MU/min with up to four flattening-filter-free energies. It allows you to deliver higher dose in less time, for faster IMRT – with no compromise in precision. 

  • High dose, high speed IMRT
  • Shorter treatment time
  • IMRT as fast and easy as 3D-CRT


Perform SRT with your ARTISTE

Multiple-X enables you to perform linac-based SRT with your ARTISTE – without the need for any other equipment: ARTISTE comes standard with the high-precision, high-resolution 160 MLC; enabling SBRT and frameless cranial SRT. With the high dose rate of Multiple-X, ARTISTE is now ready for stereotaxy. 

  • 2,000 MU/min for hypofractionation
  • No additional equipment needed for SRT
  • SRT and standard RT with one system


One flat beam for 3D-CRT

Multiple-X comes with one flat beam that enables 3D-CRT at 6, 10, 15, or 18 MV. Thus, Multiple-X gives you great application flexibility: You can perform fast SRT and IMRT and still have your ARTISTE stand by for conformal radiation therapy. 

  • Adapt the energy to your clinical needs
  • High application flexibility
  • All with one system

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