Stratus CS 200 Acute Cardiac Care Troponin Analyzer

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Stratus CS 200 System* and Assay Specifications

 Troponin I Assay

CKMB Assay

NT-proBNP Assay D-dimer Assay hsCRP Assay Myoglobin AssayβhCG Assay
Assay Range0.03–50 μg/L (30–50,000 ng/L) 0.3–150 μg/L (ng/mL) 15–20,000 pg/mL 6–5000 μg/L (ng/mL) FEU 0.1–50 mg/L 1–900 μg/L (ng/mL) 0.5–1250 IU/L (mIU/mL)
Analytical Sensitivity <0.03 μg/L (<30 ng/L)0.3 μg/L 15.0 pg/mL 6.0 μg/L FEU ≤0.1 mg/L1.0 μg/L <0.5 IU/L
Assay Characteristics10% at 0.06 μg/L (10% at 60 ng/L)4.0% at 3.7 μg/L 4.4% at 96.6 pg/mL 4.1% at 412 μg/L 6.8% at 1.16 mg/L3.4% at 56 μg/L; 4.6% at 142 μg/L
2.5% at 27.1 IU/L
Calibration Stability 60 days 60 days 30 days 60 days

60 days

60 days 90 days

Please refer to the assay package inserts for more detailed information.

Qualified Collection Tube Types

Becton Dickinson 13 x 75 mm green Hemogard® tube, 4.0 mL draw (lithium or sodium heparin)


Becton Dickinson 13 x 75 mm lt blue Hemogard tube, 4.5 mL draw (3.2% sodium citrate)

 Sarstedt Monovette® tube 13 x 65 mm orange, 2.6 mL draw (lithium heparin)

Sarstedt Monovette tube 13 x 65 mm blue, 2.9 mL draw (sodium citrate)


Centrifuge Speed

Microprocessor-verified between 18,000 and 22,000 rpm


Power Requirements

115 VAC: 103–127 volt range, 47–63 Hz, ~1.5 amp, and 400 watts maximum power
 230 VAC: 207–253 volt range, 47–63 Hz, ~0.8 amp, and 400 watts maximum power
 Circuit: Separate, dedicated line with hot, neutral, and isolated ground in its own conduit

Receptacle: Hospital-grade receptacle accessible to the 2.7 m (9 ft) power cord upon arrival of the instrument

Software FeaturesPatient ID and/or sample ID scannable using universal bar-code reader
 Sample collection-time entry
 Stores up to 500 operator IDs; locks out unauthorized operators
 Notification of TestPak lot expiration
 Password protection of advanced setup functions
 Last 50 patient results stored for later transmission
Connectivity-readyBidirectional connectivity through network connection
 Compatible with Conworx POCcelerator™ System
 Unidirectional connectivity through serial port