New PEP1 course explores pH testing of pleural fluid

Healthcare News | 2014-04-14

New clinical applications course about pleural fluid analysis.

The importance of pleural fluid analysis

Approximately 1.5 million pleural effusions are diagnosed in the Unites States each year, with causes ranging from cardiopulmonary disorders to symptomatic inflammatory or malignant diseases. Parapneumonic effusions, which can result from pneumonia, lung abscess, or bronchiectasis, require urgent evaluation and treatment. Pleural fluid analysis can aid in clinical decisions for the majority of these patients. A new clinical applications course about pleural fluid analysis has been added to the Siemens Personalized Education Plan (PEP)1 library. The new course can help Siemens customers fully leverage the diagnostic testing capability of the RAPIDPoint® 500 Blood Gas System.

A general lab course outlines sample-collection and handling protocols.

Variety of PEP courses for critical-care and blood-gas training

In addition to the new clinical applications course, the Siemens PEP library includes several other training modules that are useful to the many healthcare professionals who have a role in blood-gas and critical-care testing. Three clinical primers from the general laboratory catalogue provide a basic overview of pH, blood-gas, electrolyte, and metabolite testing, as well as explore the clinical significance of these parameters, review test methodologies, and outline important sample-collection and handling protocols needed to help ensure accurate results.

Instrument-specific PEP courses are also available to supplement one-on-one training or to help verify learning for RAPIDPoint 300, 400, or 500 systems.† Based on job role and responsibilities, a user can select individual modules to review how to perform a range of tasks, including instrument setup, sample processing, and routing procedures such as calibration and quality control. Users can initiate and participate in training prior to a new instrument’s arrival and will have unlimited access to online courses on an ongoing basis. These courses also provide a means of competency documentation for regulatory compliance.

Maintain proficiency from your desktop at your convenience.

What is PEP?

As the industry’s only single-source education solution, the Siemens Personalized Education Plan (PEP),1 is a technologically advanced, virtual, competency-based education and training solution that focuses on increasing knowledge, skills, and abilities of each individual user. Through this customizable approach, individual learners can plan, achieve, and maintain proficiency standards directly from their desktops and at their convenience.  As an optional, seamless addition to PEP, PEP Administrator† helps to streamline every aspect of staff competency management and administration and provides the visibility, access, and management tools for quality and compliance verification throughout an entire organization.

Siemens is dedicated to providing unparalleled, personalized education, training, and management solutions as part of our Customer Care program, to help our customers excel. We also encourage you to visit the Siemens Laboratory Diagnostics Education and Training webpage to learn more about classroom, on-site, and online educational opportunities we offer.

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1 Patent pending.

PEP Administrator is not available for purchase in all countries. For more information, please contact your sales representative.

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