Siemens Ictotest Tablets Are Back!

Healthcare News | 2014-03-05

Ictotest® Reagent tablets

Since the introduction of Ictotest® Reagent Tablets in 1953, Siemens has been the leading supplier of a confirmatory method for positive urine-strip bilirubin results. Due to a manufacturing sourcing issue, Siemens Ictotest tablets have been on backorder for the past year. The wait is over, and we are happy to report that Ictotest tablets are available for sale once again.

Steeped in History, Substantiated by Science

The presence of bilirubin is an important finding in the evaluation of liver function, and a positive detection could be an indication of liver disease such as jaundice, cirrhosis, or hepatitis. Ictotest tablets, based on the diazotization reaction, are used as a confirmatory assay for the presence of urinary bilirubin when a frontline test (i.e., urine strip or another semiquantitative method) has provided a positive bilirubin result. Ictotest reagent tablets can also be used to rule out the presence of interfering substances that may cause a false-positive result.

Trust but Verify

Why is a confirmatory test necessary for urinary bilirubin? To date, there is no quantitative urine bilirubin test method on the market. The only way to rule out urine-strip false-positive bilirubin results is with a confirmatory assay such as Ictotest tablets. The alternative is for the healthcare professional to order a blood test for bilirubin, which adds cost and time to the confirmation process.

Use of Ictotest tablets require a pipette and distilled water, in addition to the absorbent mats and reagent tablets provided with the Ictotest kit. The procedure is easy to perform and gives reliable answers when a fresh urine specimen is used and the tablets are properly stored. Hospital, reference, and physician-office laboratories rely on the quality of Siemens Ictotest reagent tablets to confirm semiquantitative bilirubin results so they can feel confident when providing the results to their customers.

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NOTE: As with all laboratory tests, definitive diagnostic or therapeutic decisions should not be based on any single result. Product availability varies by country.

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