Now Available—Easy-to-Use Free Protein S Antigen Test

Healthcare News | 2012-08-29


The INNOVANCE® Free PS Ag assay* is an easy-to-use, highly specific, and stable test for the quantitative determination of free protein S in human plasma. Now you can complete your laboratory’s thrombophilia testing portfolio on Siemens BCS®/BCS XP and Sysmex® CA-7000, CA-1500, and CS-2000i and CS-2100i Systems.

Easy-to-use test

The INNOVANCE Free Protein S Antigen (Free PS Ag) assay is easy to use, minimizing operator training requirements and hands-on time in the lab. The convenient liquid reagent requires no mixing or preparation and loads quickly and easily onto coagulation analyzers, providing simple handling and integration into your lab's normal operations.

For further convenience, flexibility, and economy, the assay is packaged in a simple, two-component kit consisting of reagent and buffer vials. One kit provides approximately 120 free protein S measurements. The assay uses readily available, standard calibrator and controls.

High precision and specificity

The INNOVANCE Free PS Ag assay demonstrates high linearity and excellent precision over the entire calibrated measuring range (10–150% of norm). The assay has high specificity for free protein S antigens and shows no major interferences. In comparative performance tests, the INNOVANCE Free PS Ag assay correlates well with existing free protein S assays.

High stability and lot-to-lot consistency

The INNOVANCE Free PS Ag assay offers excellent onboard reagent stability of up to 72 hours (depending on the system used for testing) and the excellent reagent stability once opened (8 weeks). This exceptional reagent stability reduces waste and cost. Now even the smallest labs can economically test for free protein S without sending out tests.

The assay also shows excellent lot-to-lot consistency and good correlation of results among all the coagulation analyzers on which it runs. You can be highly confident in the consistency of test results obtained from different analyzers. The assay's excellent calibration stability reduces the need for frequent calibrations, saving time and money.

Complete thrombophilia and protein S testing portfolio

The Siemens Protein S Activity assay and INNOVANCE Free PS Ag assay provide a complete protein S diagnostic menu and differentiation between Type I and Type II protein S deficiencies. And combined with existing Siemens thrombophilia assays, the INNOVANCE Free PS Ag assay completes your lab's thrombophilia testing portfolio. Now you can obtain a complete thrombophilia testing solution from a single, trusted supplier, streamlining your ordering and administration processes.

Because the INNOVANCE Free PS Ag assay is optimized for use with BCS and Sysmex analyzers, it delivers consistent, comparable performance across coagulation systems. You benefit from excellent result correlation, convenience, and simplified workflow.

Key Benefits

  • Convenient, easy-to-use test streamlines lab workflow
  • High precision and specificity for free protein S results you can trust
  • Long reagent stability reduces waste and cost
  • Complete, single-source thrombophilia solution simplifies ordering and administration

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