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Healthcare News | 2012-02-22

Alliar visits Siemens in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazilian private healthcare group Alliar has partnered with Siemens to acquire 60 highly innovative imaging systems and software that intend to improve healthcare access to patients in small and remote Brazilian cities in several Brazilian states. The imaging systems include cutting-edge magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), and molecular imaging scanners to help boost diagnostic confidence and allow for the early detection of diseases.

Making improvement for the future

“We chose Siemens because the company offered the best combination of product quality, delivering excellent results and high performance through the lowest current downtime. It is truly a combination of affordable, high-technology systems with reliable and consistent results,” comments Francisco Maciel Junior, MD, Vice President of Alliar. Brazil’s growing economy and 46.6 million privately insured individuals are pushing the transformation of the Brazilian healthcare industry. Alliar became its own entity by merging with leading imaging diagnostic service companies in Brazil. The group’s main goal is to provide diagnostic services with high quality and affordable prices in small Brazilian cities which have a high economic potential but lack competitive imaging diagnostic centers.

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