Biograph mMR

From simultaneous to synergistic MR-PET

Biograph mMR
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We've designed the first PET detectors that allow the integration of whole-body MR and PET - without compromising the performance of either modality.

Magnet System 
Field strength3 Tesla
Bore size60 cm / 1.97 ft
Magnet length (cover to cover)199 cm / 6.53 ft
Helium consumptionZero Helium boil-off technology
ShimmingPassive and active; Automatic, patient specific shim; 3 linear and 5 non-linear (2nd order)
Gradient strengthMQ Gradients (45 mT/m @200 T/m/s)
RF technology[102 x 18], [102 x 32]
Siting and Installation 
System length incl. patient table335 cm / 10.99 ft
System weight (in operation)9 tons / 19,842.60 lb
Power requirement110 kVA connection
Minimum room size233m2 / 355 sq ft
PET Detectors 
Crystal materialLSO
Crystal element dimension4 x 4 x 20 mm    
NEMA 2007 - Transverse spatial resolution 
FWHM @ 1 cm4.5 mm
Sensitivity13.2 cps/kBq
Peak NEC rate (@21.8 kBq/cc)175 kcps
Axial FoV for PET258 mm


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