Biograph mCT

Molecular CT. Quantification redefined.

New Biograph mCT<br />launch movie

New Biograph mCT launch movie

Watch the Biograph mCT launch movie to learn more about accurate and reproducible quantification in molecular imaging

Biograph mCT

    With Biograph™ mCT, Siemens brings reproducible quantification to molecular imaging. Detect, characterize and monitor the tiniest cancer lesions with reproducible quantification, thus supporting more cost-effective treatment . Quantify absolute myocardial blood flow, to make more accurate treatment decisions and minimize risk to your patients. making more accurate treatment decisions, minimizing risk to your patients. Quantify1 amyloid deposits in the brain, to support dementia diagnosis.

    1 syngo.PET Amyloid Plaque is intended for use only with approved amyloid radiopharmaceutica in the country of use.

    2 Based on volumetric resolution available in competitive literature for systems greater than 70 cm bore size. Data on file.

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