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syngo.via Frontier
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The main technical features at a glance:

  • Direct transfer (copy) of images from the clinical syngo.via server to syngo.via Frontier
  • As of market introduction, access to three research prototypes for the fields cardiovascular and Dual Energy CT is offered. The research prototypes are not intended for clinical or diagnostic use and may be available only for a certain time period
  • The prototypes are provided via the built-in Prototype Store, which connects to Siemens Remote Services (SRS) secure online connection1
  • Timely availability of new prototypes as their distribution is independent of the regular syngo.via releases
  • Seamless connection to the prototypes with the locally installed syngo.via client through a direct access from syngo.via’s Advanced Search (browser) and its workflow menu
  • The dedicated hardware for syngo.via Frontier provides simultaneous access for up to two users
  • Executions of complex experimental calculations performed on syngo.via Frontier do not influence the performance of the clinical syngo.via server as the dedicated hardware provides independent resources (CPU, memory, etc.)
  • syngo.via-compliant prototype results may be sent back to the clinical client-server system for easy sharing with colleagues and visualization in syngo.via’s standard tools. Other prototype results can be stored on the local file system
  • Labeling of data and images generated by a prototype (“Not for clinical use”) to clearly identify such images if sent back to the clinical syngo.via server. This allows for a definite differentiation of research results from clinical results on syngo.via
  • Easy management of your syngo.via Research Extension with the Prototype Store (e.g. installation and deletion of prototypes)
  • Creation and implementation of new prototypes with MeVisLab’s Application Development Kit (ADK) for syngo.via Frontier2
    -- MeVisLab’s visual development environment is extended with components for integration with syngo.via Frontier, a basic application framework, basic syngo.via-like user interface (UI) elements3, and development documentation
    -- Algorithms may be integrated as command line applications or implemented as C++ modules4
    -- Optional high performance GPU-based parallel computing possible5




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Internet Explorer 8 (or later) with enabled Active Scripting required
1 An installation via CD is possible for institutions without access to SRS.
2 Optional. Knowledge of MeVisLab and the programming language Python required.
3 Further UI extensions may be made available later in the syngo.via Research Forum.
4 For the implementation of algorithms as C++ modules Microsoft Visual Studio is required as development environment and knowledge of the programming language C++ is necessary. This also applies to the implementation of interaction concepts or advanced visualization techniques.
5 Knowledge of the programming language CUDA required. Dedicated compiler and CUDA toolkit necessary.