Head/Neck 64

Ultra-fast, high SNR, head and neck imaging


MRI - Coils - Head/Neck 64

The industry's highest density head/neck coil

  • Anthropomorphic geometry with full head/neck coverage
  • Extremely high SNR for high-resolution, large FoV imaging
  • Extreme iPAT performance for ultra-fast imaging with minimal SNR loss

Ease of use and high patient comfort

  • Ultra light-weight with a single SlideConnectTM plug
  • Posterior half connects directly into patient bed with DirectConnectTM technology
  • Can be used in combination with spine and body coils for efficient whole-body imaging
  • Open, patient-friendly design
MRI - Coils - Head/Neck 64 - Exploration

Open up new fields for exploration

  • High SNR to reveal the smallest details
  • Open, accessible design to facilitate fMRI visual stimulation and eye tracking experiments
  • Rear port for EEG cables for simultaneous EEG/MR imaging for up to 128 electrodes

Hear what experts say


  • High-resolution, ultra-fast, large FoV, anatomical and functional head and neck examinations
  • MR Angiography of the head and neck

Typically combined with

  • Body 18
  • Spine 32
  • All Tim 4G coils for whole-body examinations

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 435 mm × 395 mm × 350 mm

The products/features shown on this webpage are not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.

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