syngo.MR General Engine


  • MR Radiology Workflows: predefined layouts for Head, C-Spine, T-Spine, L-Spine, Whole Spine, Breast, Prostate, Abdomen, Hip and Knee scans.
  • MR Cardio-Vascular Workflows: Single Station Angio, Multi Station Angio, Angio TimCT, Angio TWIST, Cardiac Reading
  • Subtraction, MeanCurve
  • Workflow optimized report template included.
  • Disease specific report templates for breast (according to BIRADS Report) and prostate
  • MR Misc data: collection of additional data, that have not been loaded in any of the predefined layouts (e.g. additional scans, normally not part of the workflow). A single click that makes sure no data were missed by the user.


Clinical Application

  • Standard MRA
  • MR Mammography
  • Prostate
  • Neuro and Ortho Reading


Additional Information

My cases - ready.
Whether it is the 3D reference point, the autozooming functionality in multistage exams, or mean curve and subtraction, the syngo.MR General Engine extends syngo.via by adding software for routine and advanced MR radiology usage. It includes workflows for dedicated MR examinations that load and structure examination results automatically into meaningful layouts.
The syngo.MR General Engine perfectly compliments such applications as the Brain Dot Engine, TWIST, Tim® CT Angio, and Inline Composing. Thus enabling an optimized workflow from scanning to processing to reading.

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