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7 Innovation Strategies to Win Patients and Staff

Innovation Strategies

Discover what innovation strategies successful healthcare providers use to enhance their clinical capabilities in a way that attracts patients, entices and retains clinicians, and builds a reputation for state-of-the-art, world-class care.

6 Things Your Competition is Probably Thinking About


The international trend of encouraging competition amongst providers has remained consistent and shows no signs of abating. Check out our recommendations in 6 key focus areas most likely to strengthen competitiveness within a given healthcare marketplace.

Raising Care Standards to Enhance Patient Outcomes


In the current environment, hospitals must consistently deliver high-quality care in order to survive. This white paper investigates the justification for care standardization, the methods currently being implemented to achieve it, and the elements that have resulted in the greatest amount of success.

7 Ways for Hospitals to Control Overhead Expenses


Overhead expenses account for a significant portion of total operating costs, which are rising rapidly and represent a ripe target for cost reduction. This white paper presents seven strategies that successful hospitals have implemented to do just that.

3 Ways to Thrive in the Face of Today’s Cost Constraints

Improve Profitability

Hospitals are operating in an environment of downward cost pressures, yet are being expected to demonstrate improved outcomes. Check out our recommendation of 3 possible ways to thrive when dealing with this challenge.

Overcome Staffing Challenges through Modernized HR Policies

Develop workforce

Attracting, retaining, and developing workforce can be a challenge. This white paper outlines measures for improving operational efficiency in a way that drives productivity as well as employee satisfaction.

7 Ways to Maximize your Hospital’s Reputation


Your customers really are paying attention. In order to help you maintain a high standing within the healthcare industry, this white paper explores seven important considerations for putting your institution on the path towards a strong reputation.

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