Luminos Agile Max

A more RADical way in fluoroscopy

Luminos Agile Max
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Luminos Agile Max1 is a patient-side fluoroscopy machine that offers you advantages on more than one level. 

It brings you MAX – combining the proactive support of MAX assistance and the highly comprehensive imaging technology of MAX detection. 

Safer use – with a height-adjustable table

Reduce staff turnover and sick leave by alleviating major factors that contribute to repetitive stress Injuries among radiographers.


MAX assistance

  • Height-adjustable table for easy patient transfer and a comfortable working height
  • Easy patient access from the back of the table
  • Fully motorized tower movements – easy and precise
  • Wide patient coverage with 8-way table top movements
  • OPTI Grip handle with SmartTouch prevents unintentional system movements


Sharper imaging – with a MAX dynamic flat detector and unique Siemens CARE features

Increase your quality of diagnostic and treatment accuracy with MAX image quality.

MAX detection

  • Large 43 cm x 43 cm / 17” x 17” MAX dynamic flat detector – distortion-free images with up to 3.4 lp/mm
  • DDO and DiamondView Plus for improved image quality
  • High heat capacity X-ray tube
  • Comprehensive dose reduction with CARE2

Stronger synergies – with MAX dual use

Improve your return on investment with a true dual-use system for fluoroscopy and radiography.


Ysio Max option

  • Ceiling suspended tube with MAXtouch display2
  • MAX wi-D2 and MAX mini2 wireless detectors
  • MAXswap2 – The right way to share
  • Table Bucky and wall stand with tracking2
  • MAXalign – Get it right with the first shot


Benefit from the MAX effect

Deliver better quality in a shorter time at lower cost. Siemens Healthineers has introduced a range of MAX systems that support you with a unique portfolio covering the widest range of products and applications. And if you’re using more than one MAX product, your gains multiply. That’s called the MAX effect.

  • Gain standardization – leading to consistent high quality of care, fewer retakes, and faster reading
  • Gain savings – in terms of money, time, and rooms
  • Gain satisfaction – for patients, staff, physicians, and managers

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1Luminos Agile Max is not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.