Luminos Select

Improve productivity
Luminos Select adapts to almost any examination need. The system lets you cover a broad application range in fluoroscopy and increases your versatility in radiography. Furthermore, the digital workflow increases your throughput and reduces costs.

Deliver diagnostic quality
The platform uses select technologies from proven Luminos fluoroscopy systems focused on delivering diagnostic quality. A broad range of system options allows you to tailor Luminos Select to your clinical requirements.

Experience investment confidence
With over 10,000 installed fluoroscopy systems and a worldwide support network delivering 99.7% uptime, we are able to provide a secure and valuable long-term partnership you can count on. 

Image quality
For excellent image quality, Luminos Select offers a high-frequency generator with either 65 kW or 80 kW which, combined with our CAREMATIC automatic exposure control, allows consistent high quality results almost across the full range of patients and examination types.

Digital workflow
As the digital imaging solution for all fluoroscopy and radiography systems from Siemens, FLUOROSPOT Compact offers advanced image processing algorithms to further improve image quality and reduce dose.

An uptime of 99.7% by 10,000 systems is an impressive proof of quality and reliability. Downtime and on-site visits can be reduced due to we have remote service the innovative Netviewer where you have online access to Siemens application specialist

The product Luminos Select is not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.

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