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Access to laboratory reference information just got a lot simpler.

Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics: Use and Assessment of  Clinical Laboratory Results

Professor Dr. Lothar Thomas has dedicated his career to the field of laboratory diagnostics. His first-hand experience in the laboratory led him to create eight printed editions of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics: Use and Assessment of Clinical Laboratory Results, an interpretative guide to tests and diagnostic techniques in laboratory medicine. Since releasing the first edition in 1978, more than 230,000 copies have been published.

After developing the “go-to” reference guide for nearly every clinical chemistry laboratory topic, Professor Dr. Thomas sought the support of Siemens Healthcare in developing the latest version. With our customers in mind, we have supported the development and publication of an easy-to-use, downloadable app. And, because every lab should have access to educational material that will support enhanced patient outcomes, the app will be available free of charge.

Available for iOS iPads and Android tablets, the app includes information on more than 1000 biomarkers, and spans topics from toxic metals to tumor markers. Each laboratory test is reviewed by:

  • Indication
  • Method of Determination
  • Specimen
  • Reference Interval
  • Clinical Significance
  • Comments and Problems
  • Biochemistry and Physiology
  • References

The searchable app also contains valuable insight on quality assurance, reference materials, and standardization of laboratory medicine methodology guidelines, among others.

Click here to download the Android app.
Click here to download the iOS app.

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