Atellica PM 1.0 Software

Laboratory management system keeps your lab up and running–without running around.

Siemens Healthineers Atellica™ PM 1.0 Software


Siemens Healthineers Atellica™ PM 1.0 Software is the only lab management system that lets you manage your laboratory’s processes, including alerts, remote management of instruments*, and monitoring of onboard inventory and testing progress—all from one screen—to help improve clinical and financial outcomes.

Control: Centralizes visibility and control of your instruments to minimize operational complexity.

  • View, navigate, and operate connected instruments* as if you were standing in front of them.
  • Perform timely and effective troubleshooting with visual cues and instrument alerts in real time.
  • Track onboard inventory consumption and receive low-consumable and -reagent alerts.
  • View the current process status of Aptio® Automation and connected instruments in 3-D.
  • Consolidate all instrument process data onto one screen.
  • Access alerts and real-time data in the lab or remotely via any network client workstation.
  • Manage priority samples and turnaround-time exceptions (e.g., STAT samples).
  • Access sample details for each alert with a single click.

Simplicity: Enables customization of sample and parameter exceptions and laboratory zones to simplify your lab workflow.

  • Customize alerts, dashboards, and priority sample rules to accommodate your workflow needs.
  • Configure your individual lab’s layout with our proprietary, intuitive 3-D zone creator—which can include different laboratories, locations, or sites if desired.
  • Zoom in on zones to view specific parameters such as test type, instrument location, or operator role.

Better Outcomes: Streamlines performance monitoring with robust process analytics, enabling you to spot trends and improve outcomes.

  • Monitor your lab’s performance based on metrics that you define, with customized reports that you specify.
  • Generate reports in real time without having to export data to another platform.
  • Define reports according to your management goals and priorities.
  • View on-demand reports to assess key medical laboratory management metrics such as turnaround times, testing volumes, and automation utilization.

*Instruments require virtual network computing (VNC) or Remote Desktop capability. Not available on all systems.

The products/features (mentioned herein) are not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.

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