CARE Right – low kV

CARE Right – low kV
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Easily setting the right kV

Siemens Healthineers CT offers different features to set the right kV for every patient. Clever algorithms like CARE kV find automatically the right kV. Scanning with a low kV helps to lower radiation dose and contrast media. Even dedicated hardware on the X-ray tube is involved, too. This makes it possible to achieve ultra-low-dose values for lung cancer screening and perform Dual Energy without a dose penalty.


Patient-specific adaption of tube voltage and tube current

CARE kV is a fully automated feature that adjusts the tube voltage tailored to the individual patient, the system capabilities, and the clinical task. When changing the tube voltage the tube current needs to be adapted as well. This is necessary to maintain a constant contrast-to-noise ratio (CNR). CNR is the technical way to define image quality. So in combination CARE kV and CARE Dose4D allow the patient-specific adaption of both parameters, tube voltage, and tube current.