ADVIA 2400 Chemistry System

The right balance of speed and efficiency

The ADVIA® 2400 Clinical Chemistry System meets today’s high turnaround-time (TAT) goals with a throughput up to 2400 tests/hour. Besides assays for general and specialty chemistries, its menu includes assays for specific protein measurement, drugs-of-abuse testing (DAT) and therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM). Interesting new assays such as Cystatin C, HbA1c with automated sample pretreatment and CardioPhase® hsCRP can now be included into your routine testing.


The ADVIA 2400 Chemistry System pushes productivity levels while maintaining the reliability and stability that keep laboratories up and running. A rapid 2-second probe cycle time maximizes tube speed and test throughput, and combines with the system’s efficient automation-readiness to provide the turnaround time needed for high-volume laboratories



Superior Speed and Productivity

  • Throughput of up to 2,400 tests/hour (1,800 photometric and 600 ISE) to manage the heaviest workloads
  • Rapid, consistent 2-second cycle time
  • Throughput of 200 tubes per hour even when running 3 ISE tests and 9 photometric tests per sample
  • Automatic Sample Retain technology, auto-repeat, auto-dilution and auto-reflex testing



Automation Ready

  • Point-in-space aspiration offers connectivity to a track or rack handler without robotics or special hardware
  • Redundant sample loading for built-in backup and easy handling of non-routine samples
  • Direct sampling from track prevents detaining tubes at analyzer and reduces aliquoting



Minimal Intervention Demands

  • Minimal-maintenance ISEs
  • Large onboard reagent capacity and optional concentrated reagents reduce interruptions
  • No-maintenance 37°C incubation oil bath
  • Auto-calibration and auto-QC from refrigerated onboard calibrators and controls
  • Microvolume technology with 32,000 tests onboard and up to 60 days onboard stability improves walkaway time. Usage of concentrated reagents increases maximum capacity
  • Remote diagnostics and ILQC (Inter-Laboratory Quality Control) options


Exceptional Reliability

  • Sample integrity check for icterus, hemolysis and lipemia
  • Sample probe with automatic clot/clog detection, liquid level sensing, short sample detection and crash protection
  • Advances in reagent onboard stability, calibration frequency, interference reduction and assay linearity expansion

The products/features (mentioned herein) are not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.

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